Take a look at the App, “Shop Disney Parks” to see the most up to date merchandise and pricing. I charge what Disney charges for items. 

What information do you need from me to get started?

After you’ve decided on your items, I need to know who the basket is for, the check in date, the resort name, the name the reservation is listed under, and a contact phone number (preferably a cell number you’ll have with you when traveling, just in case). A note will be included with each basket with a special vacation welcome!

Do you require payment up front?

No! I’ll send you a PayPal invoice when your basket is complete, and payment is due then.

Can I send you items to include in my basket?

Sure! But I can”t accept any food items. Please note that I cannot refund or replace any items not purchased by me in the event the resort damages or misplaces your basket.

Can you get my Ears personalized?

Ears PersonalizedThere are two choices available, both done by computer at Disney Springs. There is a $7.99 embroidery offered in Fun or Script font . More popular and slightly larger is the $4.99 chainstitching. Please specify which one you’d prefer.

Can I see a photo of my basket when it’s complete?

I’ll send you a photo when the basket is completed.

How do I pay you? Can I use a credit card? Or send a money order?

I’ll send you an invoice via Paypal when your basket is complete. You don’t need a Paypal account to use a credit card. If you’d like to send a money order, just let me know and I’ll forward you the address.

Can I call you with my credit card information?

Yes! I’ll be happy to take your information over the phone, if you’d prefer. But please don’t send your credit card number thru an email- it’s just not safe!

Will my basket(s) be waiting in my room when I arrive?

You must physically check in prior to Disney delivering your baskets to your room. The baskets are delivered on the morning of your arrival to the front desk. If you check in prior to your room being ready, and then go off to the parks, there’s a good chance the baskets will be waiting in your room when you return. If you check in after 3PM, and the room is ready, the baskets will be delivered usually within a reasonable time to your room. If you check in after 9PM, you’ll need to ask for the basket at the front desk – the resorts do not typically deliver anything to the rooms after 9PM.

What if my basket is not in my room?

Baskets are delivered to your room after you’ve checked in. If a reasonable amount of time has gone by and you still haven’t received your basket, call the front desk to confirm they are on their way. If there is any problem, please call me at 407-414-3528 and I will investigate.

What if I need to cancel my trip?

I’ll refund all your money by the same method you paid, and then return all your merchandise. The only items I can’t return are those that have been personalized, so I’ll mail those items to you and deduct the difference.

Any other questions, feel free to  email.